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7-14 competition clarifications

With regard to the competition to win a 7-14 Digital Zuiko lens, there has been some concern voiced over ratings of images in the competition gallery (at Four Thirds User) and the fact that I have apparently contradicted the terms of entry. I hope the following will clarify the situation.

I will amend the rules to make them clearer, too.

1. Rating the images in the competition gallery has no bearing on the competition per se - there will be a separate and more transparent voting arrangement at the beginning of May, for two weeks.

For the record, the best way to deal with nonsensical ratings in the gallery is to rate the image yourself, honestly. The more people that rate an image the less effective are silly ratings, however, I'm seriously thinking of deleting extremely unrepresentative ratings.

2. I decided that it would be best to show the pictures entered during the two months that entry remains open (March and April), hence the competition gallery.

This will both generate interest and enjoyment of pictures being added during that period and hopefully encourage more people to enter. But I acknowledge that those who enter early are therefore at a disadvantage, because later entrants can see the calibre of the entries to date and work harder at their own entries.

Therefore, in order to make it fair all round, I'm letting people enter more than one picture into the gallery, but only one image from each photographer will be accepted for the vote to select the 10 finalists. That will be the most recently uploaded image from that photographer to the competition gallery.

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