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Re: Olympus E-5 hands-on preview

I have been following the rumours on the E5 on a well known 4/3s rumour site. The specs were talked about for some time. I was hoping that they were wrong.....and some were.

I am keen to see some real world images, taken with a range of lenses, with comparison shots against the E30, but they had better be impressive. I would expect to see an improvement in image quality when comparing an E510 to an E30.

My thoughts are that Olympus have released the E5 for several reasons. Olympus needed a Pro type camera for marketing reasons and a new 4/3rds camera to placate current customers about the longevity of the 4/3rds range.

12 and a bit mega pixels is not a big issue, as long as the image quality is there. 720p video…why not 1080p? Art filters on a pro camera….why?

The suggested RRP of £1500 is way too much. Olympus need to listen to its customers adn the current market.

In my mind they have taken the best bits from the E3 and Pen with a little tweaking and released it. The question is Why? Why now and not a year ago.

I will not be leaving Olympus, but unless the price drops I wont be purchasing one.
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