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Re: E-M1 Mark II review by Mircea Bezergheanu

Originally Posted by Beagletorque View Post
Interesting comments about Adobe Raw v Capture One Raw converter. Anyone else experienced this?
Yes, I can confirm. Capture One seems to be the most compatible raw editor for E-M1 II, much better than Olympus Viewer 3.

Unlike previous Olympus cameras, the implementation of JPEG engine for E-M1 II sensor is not perfect. It has issues in some specific situations, which only Capture One can handle.

The problems I found:
1. OV3 cannot correct chromatic aberations when using manual lenses as it was possible on previous Olympus cameras. The CA function from OV3 did funny things when I tested it (it damaged the whole picture).
2. Some problems with the coulours in some specific situations. By example, in the areas where it was yellow and blue, at the border between 2 coulours it was false green colour. Maybe that false green is like an CA and can be removed, but the CA function from OV3 is unusable for E-M1 II raw files.
3. The third problem I did not find it myself, but heard it from other users.
It looks like in some situations, the red gets an magenta influence. And this is not an white balance issue (no matter how you change it, the magenta-red stays there).

Capture One can handle the 3 problems, while OV3 not. I also tested DXO Optics PRO which could not fix the 3 problems too, as OV3.

Additional comment:
If you loved Olympus JPEG colours from previous cameras, E-M1 II will be an (unpleasant) suprise. It gives a different set of colours and in 5% situations gives wrong colours which requires editing.

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