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Re: Lockups with the E-M1 Mark II?

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
What's the phrase, something along the lines if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
What camera companys are attempting is difficult, but not impossible, however they shouldn't use the consumer to be part of the development team.
I've also written real time code and once had to use machine code to meet the exacting machine cycle budget and the available rom. But cameras can't be so extreme, and good structured s/w tools are available. And as you know, the system response is only as good as the requirement specification, the interface and timing specs, etc. Good or bad requirement specs can make or kill a product's development and it's widely acknowledged that the written language is not precise enough to express the needs adequately and unambiguously. How many times have I commented on a spec, saying great, but what if...
You're right Steve. Most computer systems these days are hugely complex with millions of lines of code. My own company's relatively modest presence in the retail industry now has a product set that's approaching 7 million lines of code. Understanding all that and being able to 100% predict what it will do in all scenarios is, frankly, impossible.

I'm guessing that the code in the E-M1ii extends to a million or so lines and probably contains stuff that goes back years (e.g. the "tracking" focus still seems to do what it's always done and generally to be a waste of space).
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