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Re: Lockups with the E-M1 Mark II?

Hi Steve, I am not really sure what the "fix" was. It problem defeated all my best efforts at problem determination!

It seems that some bodies were more prone to it than others and unfortunately my original E-M1 was one of the susceptible ones. Eventually it got so bad, seizing up half a dozen times or more during one game of rugby, that I persuaded Oly to exchange it for a new one.

At the same time, various firmware upgrades were coming out and by the time I got the replacement body and put the latest firmware on, it all seemed OK. Until I got the 300mm f/4 and tried continuous AF, when it started locking up again - but that seemed to fixed with another firmware upgrade last autumn.

There are a lot of posts lurking around on the subject. Despite pooling everybody's experiences we never isolated what settings or behaviours made it happen. My own theory, derived from the gut rather than the head, is that the body was simply more hungry for power than the battery could cope with and this caused something to get out of synch and into a classic deadly embrace. But I have no evidence for that - and it's not really practical to photograph a game of rugby in the rain while plugged into the mains!

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