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Lockups with the E-M1 Mark II?

I am almost ready to spring for an E-M1 Mark II, while my Mark I's still have a bit of trade-in value. One thing that concerns me greatly is that a few people have reported that their cameras lock up during use.

I had awful problems with this when the E-M1 Mark I came out and I am extremely keen not to repeat the experience. How are things now that the bodies have been out in the field for a while?

I have seen some suggestions that the lockups might be due to incompatibility with some types of memory card. The manual just says consult the Oly website for details of which cards are recommended, but I haven't yet been able to find any. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? And once we find it, is anyone having lockups while using cards on the recommended list?

(I have sent much the same questions to Oly support so it will be interesting to compare the "official" line with the experience that real users have had.)

Thanks in anticipation ... John
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