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Re: Copywriter Signatures

Olympus Image Palette on phones allows you to quickly add a watermark but Olympus Viewer 3 doesn't as far as I can tell which is a bit weird.

I don't watermark my images. I think it can detract from the image if it's not done with care.

A bit like tattoos, I can't imagine I'd come up with a watermark that I'd be happy to look at on every shot I upload, any more than a picture I'd want to see every day on my arm YMMV.

I don't believe it has a big impact on image theft/licencing thieves will steal regardless honest people will pay.
I don't make money from my photography so I'm not overly concerned, those who earn their bread and butter are probably rightfully more careful.

For me, if a watermark is intrusive enough to avoid being cropped out by a casual thief then it's significant enough to potentially detract from the image.

My copyright info is embedded in the EXIF and I sometimes look on Pixsy to see if anyone is nicking my work but so far nothing of real note.

A while back I found a couple of my images on blogs. I contacted them both, one credited me and apologised for not linking back the other page disappeared the day after I emailed them. Neither looked like they were making millions off my snaps.
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