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Total Chaos...

Well I got roped into doing my aunt's wedding photos. I don't have many online except for on Facebook.

All in all I did a decent job, I don't consider them my best mainly because no one at the wedding wanted to smile or pose right when it came to posed shots

But here are a very few of the hundreds I took.

Bride getting ready, 800 ISO, d4mn motel room

Amber, one of the party guests

Dylan, one of the bridesmaid's children.

Then here's the bride at the top of the stairs.

The wedding cake

And just for the heck of it, me the day after the wedding. I bleached my hair after the wedding. This pictures was taken with my grandmother's truck as the tripod and me using my off-brand RM-UC1 to fire the shutter. Do I look my age? (17)
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