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Re: Yatesbury All Saints

Another nice collection of images, Nick.

However, I do wonder whether you are getting too good at this HDR trick, with the result that some of the images are now getting slightly flat.

This is not a criticism, but I do wonder whether it would be better to retain a little more 'dark' and 'shadow' in the images, so they look more realistic and 'church like'.

As it is, almost every detail can be seen clealry, and even pews, which are usually dark-ish wood (often Pitch Pine) look much lighter than the eye would ever see them. Even well lit churches are rarely this light.

As a point of interest, if anyone would like more details of the organs in churches, these can be found at The National Pipe Organ Register.

Edit: I also had a look at your website, which I found fascinating. You'll have to come up this way some time.

Right, must go and get my anorak.

Naughty Nigel

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