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Re: Happiness is.. a Pen F and a few small primes

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
Pete - with JPEG and raw enabled you'll get three files:

- JPG - a hi-res jpeg
- ORF - a hi-res raw
- ORI - a normal-res raw - actually the first frame of the 8-frame sequence

You can use bits of the ORI file to paint over areas of movement in the ORF file. Photoshop allows you to do this quite easily using a layer mask.

Lightroom natively supports the hi-res ORF file BTW, so you don't have to struggle with OV3.
Useful tip there, painting over - though I think ORF is the normal res raw file and ORI is the high res one. ###Edit###No, I'm wrong. The ORF is the big one, and ORI is the regular one. That's confusing. My E-M5 regular raw files are ORF.


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