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Re: Happiness is.. a Pen F and a few small primes

Well I joined the Pen F and primes club myself this week with the 12 and 45. (I had the 75 for a while but TBH I wasn't using it that much). Time to stir myself, get out and get some nice pictures with this setup.

The Pen will also get used with zooms as well I confess, the 7-14 and the 14-45 are my favourites.

Anyway: I have a Pen question. How do I get it to make the raw version of the hi-res image: The 80Mp result. I have LF and raw enabled, but I don't see any fancy big raw files on the memory card thus far.

And having downloaded Oly viewer 3, I assume that is the only way to "develop" the big raw file.

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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