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Re: Happiness is.. a Pen F and a few small primes


Your attached images admirably show what this stunning camera and the wonderful Oly primes are capable of. It is without a shadow of doubt the best 'all round' digital camera I have owned. The IQ is superb, ok it may not be to the same level as a 39MP Hasselblad I once owned ( not a lot is ) but it's more than good enough for me in reality, and at 1/10th of the cost of that 'blad a darn site better value too.

I would say 'for me' it is 99% perfect .... not 100%? ... well nothing is truly perfect. With regard to lenses, your selection makes perfect sense with the Pen-F and is the same as mine. These small primes are wonderful and are the perfect balance for the camera, the 75mm f1.8 is just about 'do-able' but starting to get a little ungainly hence I sold mine though I do sometimes wish I still had it.

Travelling light I pack one body with 25mm attached and the 12 & 45 'stacked' in a Billingham Hadley Digital, a satchel that is very compact, about 2/3rd the size of the Hadley Small I sold to you. Travelling 'fully loaded' I have one body with the 17mm attached, the other with the 45mm attached, the 12, 25 & FL14 all in another albeit slightly larger satchel.

The M4/3 system has really come of age in recent years and the remaining 'nay-sayers' have either not tried it or cannot come to terms with the fact that regarding IQ the 4/3 sensor is now able to compete more often than not with their system.

Back to your images ..... they are excellent.

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