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Re: Classic lenses.

Originally Posted by David M View Post
An update on the Vivitar 35mm f/1.9. It's been returned to the equipment cabinet after shooting with it this afternoon. Shooting into the sun there's a lot flare and CA. It also has weird bokeh at times.

It is sharp though, resolving pollen grains and spider threads on the petals of a cone flower photographed hand held.
Is that on a digital body or OM though?

I would imagine the peculiarities of digital sensors would expose all sorts of 'weaknesses' that would never be seen on film.

This is one of the reasons that I chose the E-System in the first place (as it was the only system to be launched with dedicated digital lenses); and also why I have never used legacy lenses on my E-System cameras. I know I am probably missing out, but I have something to cover all focal lengths that I require on my E1 / E5.

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