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Re: Conflicting Info from Olympus re 3 Year Extended Warranty

Originally Posted by DavyG View Post
A month ago I realised that both E-M1 II bodies we have were within the six month additional warranty period, given by Olympus when I originally registered the cameras.

Imagine my surprise when I received an Olympus Newsletter email today advising that I may wish to purchase a 3 Year Extended Warranty as my current warranty runs out soon.

This is another example of conflicting information being provided by Olympus Support possibly to the detriment of the customer. I have no desire to spend 200.00 on warranties for two cameras to then be told I can't use them however, I also don't want to to miss the opportunity to extend the warranty if possible.


The email reads as follows:

Dear Mr. G

We hope you have enjoyed using our products and all the fun and adventure that comes with them.

So that you can continue to get the best out of your OLYMPUS camera, we suggest extending your warranty, which will expire soon...
...3 years extended warranty can only be activated during the warranty period.

Your product: E-M1 Mark II
Serial number: BHUA****
Warranty expiration date: 2019-06-14 00:00:00.0
I've just received a very similar email and, like you, my camera will soon be 2.5 years old.
However, given that the Olympus email clearly states that the "Warranty expiration date" lies in the future I think they would be on very flaky ground if they were determined to deny your extended warranty purchase.

I also suspect that Olympus will make much more profit on these warranty sales than their costs of repairs under (extended) warranty.
To date I have seen very few user reports complaining of E-M1 mk2 failures. There doesn't seem to be any repeat of the loose strap lug or rear-dial fault as per the mk1 product.

This offer seems akin to the widespread exploitative pushing of extended warranties on consumer white goods. I will check the warranty scope and exclusions very carefully before deciding whether it represents value for money.
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