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Re: Nothing new from Olympus at Photokina, but...

Originally Posted by drmarkf View Post
Laowa are also going to be producing lenses for the GFX range of medium format, 50Mp, Fujis. On the basis of the performance of my 7.5mm f2 for m4/3 I'd say they were currently rocking.

BTW, the recently announced GFX-50R looks very interesting for anyone wanting a serious 'large, slow, mega-detailed' body to add to a 'small, fast, adequately detailed' m4/3 system for things like landscape and studio work where the wonderful image-feel of medium format is unrivalled, and noticeably superior to what FF can achieve. Sure it's expensive, but it's way cheaper than anything else around, and I strongly suggest they'll make it very usable.
My first thought on seeing the the GFX-50R was “If I had that amount of money simply going spare”....
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