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Re: Flash for macro insects with an E-500

Originally Posted by Ross the fiddler View Post
When attaching external flashes such as FL50(R) & FL36(R), their normal mode is Auto TTL & operates with the normal shutter of the camera for flash (1/180 sec or 1/250 sec for E3, E5 & E30) which is the same mode available for the built in flash, but the external ones have FP TTL mode which allows any shutter speed up to the maximum of the camera (1/4000 or 1/8000) for daylight use so over exposure is not an issue. Hope that helps.
I take it 'FP TTL' is HSS? (high speed sync)? FP is not a term I'm familiar with.

As for the OP's original question I wouldn't discount other brands of flash such as David has suggested.

I had a Metz 48 when I had my E510 which had high speed synce, allowing the use of faster shutter speeds - it also metered through the lens (TTL)

This flash sat somewhere between the 2 Oly ones, though performance wise was probably closer to the 50R than the 36.

Also have a search on the internet regarding DIY ring flash etc there are plenty of ideas for cheap and easy ways to use either the on-board or external flash for macro photography


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