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Re: Flash for macro insects with an E-500

Originally Posted by Andrena View Post
I'd be very grateful for advice. I'm wanting to try using faster shutter speeds to capture detail on insects, with a Sigma 105mm macro lens on my E-500, handheld. Given a limited budget, it sounds as though a flashgun on a bracket might be worth saving for, and I'm trying to find out what's possible with an FL-36 (R or otherwise). For example, can anyone tell me if itís possible, and effective, to shoot Super FP with an E-500, with an FL-36?
The manual doesn't really help on this, and the American Olympus website seems to suggest there'd only be limited communication/ speed. The FL-50 sounds as though it definitely would work, but Iím thinking it would be much heavier to have on one side on a bracket, as well as being much more expensive, and isn't it a waste to have all that throw when Iím only interested in close-ups of insects? Any help would be much appreciated!
For the set up you have, the FL36(R) would work great for macro shots & if using the R version, can be slave triggered if desired (for other applications), but with the E500 for off camera use, I would suggest using a TTL cable (which can be a Canon TTL cable off ebay) & an ebay bracket may be enough as the Olympus one is quite expensive. I would also suggest you get a diffuser from an ebay seller for it as well as a straight light is too harsh in macro use (it comes with the FL50R). I actually use twin FL36R's but they are RC triggered which could also be slave triggered if a deflector is used for the built in flash or the second one can be be slave triggered from the first cable connected one, but in this instance they should be both set to Auto (non-TTL) or manual for ideal control.

Hope that helps.

Originally Posted by roadkill_6mm View Post
Im a bit confused! What does 'super fp' mean? And why do you need the fast shutter speeds?

If you could let me know I'll be able to chuck my 2p's worth in!


When attaching external flashes such as FL50(R) & FL36(R), their normal mode is Auto TTL & operates with the normal shutter of the camera for flash (1/180 sec or 1/250 sec for E3, E5 & E30) which is the same mode available for the built in flash, but the external ones have FP TTL mode which allows any shutter speed up to the maximum of the camera (1/4000 or 1/8000) for daylight use so over exposure is not an issue. Hope that helps.
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