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Re: Rubber grip falling off!

Originally Posted by DavyG View Post
Sorry to hear this Walti.

Have you returned yours to Olympus for repair? If so, please let us know how long it takes from sending the camera out until its returned.

Yes I've sent it to Olympus for a warranty repair... (expecting a 14 day turnaround)

Left here by RM Special Delivery Wednesday last week to their place in Nottingham, (11.50 insured) arrived Portugal for first thing Monday, was originally told it'd be a 5 day turnaround in Portugal, so I was expecting it to be shipped today/Monday... watch this space!

Disappointed that I got NO notification at all that they'd received it, nor any answers to the couple of emails I'd sent, so I'd recommend phoning if you need to get in touch! I was beginning to worry that it'd not arrived. (especially as I'd lost the tracking number!)

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