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Re: Which RAW developer

Originally Posted by Gwyver View Post
The Export Functions in Lightroom version 2 (Library Module) allow you to specify whether or not you want to strip out the (EXIF) metadata - and I can confirm that if you choose not to "Minimise embedded Metadata" it leaves it intact in the JPGs or whatever format you save to.

There are also several user-created Export plug-ins readily available which allow you even more precise control of which sub-sets of metadata to retain. Go to the Lightroom forum at
and have a look for further links. (I think some of the well-known plug-ins are also compatible with LR 1.4.1 - though I only started with LR @ version 2.1 so I can't confirm this.)

Thank you very much Chris - I'll have a look later on today !

Knew it was probably something I was doing that I shouldn't, or vice versa ! Looks like we're all learning something today!

Thanks again
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