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Re: If you are planning an Amazon purchase...

Originally Posted by Daveart View Post
The point was Ian I know some one who was on the scheme they asked him if he would stay on, and he said If you give me a proper job with a wage and there reply was why should we employ you we just ask for someone else off the scheme for nothing.

That is what is wrong and the government allow this, and Tax avoidamce, What I do if there is something on Amazon that is sold by some one else I go looking for them and purchase direct, Incedently I did the the Other day and got the product direct from the seller. and got it for less than through Amazon store.

Dave, You caused me to Google and research and my last lot of Xmas toys for the children are from Argos which is same as Homebase and I know they pay staff because my friends son has an Xmas job there (he needs the money to support himself at Cardiff University

I have also gone orf eBay
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