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Re: If you are planning an Amazon purchase...

OK, well I don't know all the specifics of that case and it doesn't sound right as it is illegal to employ someone without paying them a salary unless they are part of a work experience or similar scheme arranged by the Job Centre - those schemes are always time-limited, or you feel it is worthwhile being an unpaid trainee and agree to the terms and conditions.

Plus I would guess it was a while ago because I have read press reports from this year that Tesco's policy is now to pay those on work experience.

Of course it should be no surprise that you should get an item from an Amazon seller cheaper than if it was sold through Amazon because that seller has to pay a commission, some of which might end up being paid to us.

My personal opinion on Starbucks, Amazon, Google, etc. is that it is very frustrating and I feel morally wrong for them to exploit loopholes in commercial rules like they do, but ultimately it's the responsibility of all governments, not just the UK, to close down these loopholes so the tax due is paid in the appropriate countries. Unfortunately, national self-interest always gets in the way, so Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, to name but a few, will resist change. Indeed, even the UK resists change because the reality is that we get arguably more of our fair share of tax via some big businesses here in the UK and we could lose out with our business operations in other countries.

This is all 'business'.

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