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Re: No more blown highlights

Originally Posted by Simon Bee View Post

Kodak Portra is my 'go to' colour film, a simply amazing film which I always over expose by at least one stop, on medium format the quality is breathtaking. As much as I love the Pen-F, Portra shot on M/F is undoubtably my preferred medium. Whilst the range of films available today is no where near as wide as it once was their quality has never been better and it's a great time to shoot film. Just ordered some 'Cinestill' as I love its movie film look.

I'm seeing some superb work produced from Porta and Cinestill, I must order some myself. And of course we have Ektachrome to look forward to but that of course needs to be exposed accurately with highlights protected, not unlike digital.
PS BEOON is now married to an El-Nikkor 50 f/2.8, should be great for copying monochrome when I have a moment or two, soon hopefully.

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