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Pro-capture first try.

So with an impending archery session tomorrow I thought I'd better have a trial. No bow and arrows but got a balloon and some water to see what I could do. Rigged up a piece of wood with a nail in it I found in the garage to work like a pendulum and suspended the balloon in it's path from a garden swing seat. Rigged up a garden cane release mechanism and off I went all hand held with my 12-100 lens. This sequence was my first attempt (a very small selection of the shots of course!)

So now I know how the dignitaries feel when a ship launch goes wrong and the bottle doesn't smash Some interesting balloon distortions though. So a quick fiddle with the release mechanism and another go.

Hmm don't think it's the pro capture that's at fault here
So another go that was just focussed on the bushes in the background! well at least the balloon didn't burst on that one
So a final attempt before the missus gets home! Gave up with the release mechanism and just pushed it with my left hand whilst holding the camera in my right.

At last a success of sorts.
So yes it was fun but I will definitely struggle to get anything useful with the speed of an arrow. I used Pro capture L for these so will definitely need H tomorrow. I took 142 shots overall in the 4 attempts and only 1 was sort of what I was after. Not exactly a pro capture rate but useful as a trial. All these shots were just jpg and not processed at all except cropped and reduced in size to post. My final comment is just how out of control I felt doing this. The camera just took loads of shots and I had no real idea if I'd got what I was after or not. Definitely needs more practise but as Walti said it certainly has a lot of potential.
If you got this far thanks for your perseverance and you should have a go at pro-capture
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