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Re: The Peugeot Diesel Pollutant Saga

I do wonder about some car dealerships. A colleague of mine once went to our local Volvo dealer to have a look at a car only to be confronted by a somewhat toffee-nosed salesman who asked whether "sir is suitable for a Volvo". He walked out. I am still awaiting an Alfa Romeo 156 brochure from what is now a former dealer in St Albans - that was when the 156 was a brand new model! I bought another Saab instead.

Fortunately Piccadilly motors in Knaresborough have been the model of good service. When I was considering swapping my diesel Giulietta for a petrol last year the salesman handed me the keys and said "take it out for a drive, see you soon". They remembered I had been a cash buyer of the diesel and didn't attempt to persuade me otherwise, and we agreed a deal very easily. I paid by debit card. The salesman asked about GAP insurance but took no for an answer without argument. I seldom have occasion to visit the showroom but if I do (and I did yesterday because of an electrical fault) they greet me by name as soon as I walk in, offer me coffee and ensure I'm satisfied with the car before I leave. I would recommend them to anyone!
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