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Re: The Peugeot Diesel Pollutant Saga

Interesting that you should say that Andy as we had a very similar experience when buying a used Corsa for my wife's daily commute; in not just one but two garages.

In both cases the car in question was a very low mileage vehicle in pristine condition with a very good spec, but about three years old. The car we finally bought cost about 6,400 in total.

Now I realise that is a lot of money to some people, for whom finance or a bank loan would be their only option, but like you we wanted a simple cash purchase. And therein lies the problem I suspect, as salesmen and dealerships probably make more money from selling finance deals and other extras than the cars themselves.

However, they kept pushing finance, and like you, we were asked all sorts of questions about household income and expenditure (which I refused to answer); all apparently to determine whether we could afford to buy a 6,400 car. This was all before we were allowed a test drive.

I wouldn't mind but the Salesman had complimented me on my nearly new XF which we had driven onto their forecourt in, so it wasn't as if we had turned up in a banger!

Now oddly enough, the second car was purchased from a main dealer around 200 miles from home. They had no compunction about taking a 100 'holding deposit' before we had even seen the car, but we had to go through the same routine before actually test driving the car that we had put a deposit on.

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