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I've been a Mac convert for almost 8 months now, and bought Heather one for Christmas, and my wife one for her birthday earlier this month. Took a little longer to get them to see the light, but Jen especially loves hers now.

My lad has started taking an active interest in all things Mac now, as he feels somewhat left out with his Dell gamer PC... He's loving the look of the iMac so I've told him to start saving or get in the queue

Tonight Heather asked me if I'd please put the music she has on her decrepit 4 yr old Acer steam-driven laptop onto her Macbook. I said of course, but then Lloyd came along and offered to do it for her. I started offering advice as to where he could find the iTunes library on the PC, and how he should go about transferring the files... he simply put his hand up in a facing me gesture, and said... "Dad, leave it with the burns meister, I do know what to do you know..."

Heather now has her music files all synced with her iPod from her Mac.

I am now officially redundant!
Seems to me that your cunning plan has worked well John. A well trained son to release you from the demands that would take you away from photography

Well done

All the best

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