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Re: Macro, aperture & sharpness question

Thanks for the replies.

I know about the principles of focus stacking but, if I understand it correctly, it requires a number of frames all focussed at slightly different parts of the subject. Unfortuantly, as my main interest is underwater photography, this isn't something that is unlikely to be practical. Just getting the focus in the right place can be challenge enough. Similarly changing the camera isn't something that is an option having just spent a small mortgage on getting the E520 underwater.

Alan - It looks like you are correct. Using the DOF calculator in Grahams link:

50mm focal length @ f8 100cm from subject gives 9.14cm DoF
70mm focal length @ f8 140cm from subject gives 9.13cm DoF

As I rarely print bigger than A4 I guess my only other option is to frame the subject smaller and then crop.

Any other ideas?
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