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Re: OM type split focus screen for E-510 and legacy lenses?

Here is me replacing the E400 screen with a Katzeye
If you are ultra careful it is possible to swap the screen and end up with a nice clean view of the world. Yes, the split screen works, no, you lose your little red AF dots.

Do I recommend this mod? Hmm. Depends on your eyesight. After a while I started to doubt the accuracy of my manual focussing, and these days I have reverted to AF lenses. Younger eyes will probably do better.

There is still a possibility that the Katzeye doesn't line up with the camera (in-focus on the screen is not in-focus on the sensor) and you need to consider shimming the screen. Each time you take the screen out and shim it, you multiply the chance of dust on the screen by e^7.1 (or some other big number) so proceed with care...

Maybe this helps..

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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