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Olympus FL-600R vs Nissin i40 vs Metz 44 af-1

I was considering the best on camera flash for the OMD series and have narrowed down to the three above. I actually own the Olympus FL 600R and Nissin i40 and have heard good reports about the Metz 44.

Of the three the Nissin is the lightest and the most compact and so physically the easiest to go around with it being mounted on top of the camera. With a GN of 40 it is pretty powerful too and gives excellent TTL functionality. But the drawback is that it has no true Auto fill-in mode (which I find superior to TTL in some low light situations) lacking a front light sensor of its own.

The Olympus has both TTL and Auto fill-in facility thanks to its sensor but at GN 36 is the weakest of the trio. And there have been a few reports of the auto-zoom function jamming rendering the flash inoperable.

The Metz appears to be a good choice in some ways. The most powerful of the three (GN 44) and has both TTL and Auto fill-in functionality. But as far as I can see (I may be wrong) it has no video light like the other two.

Can people who own one or more of these flashes please post a feedback on their experiences?
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