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Bempton Cliffs (and a ramble about BiF)

I went to Bempton Cliffs yesterday and was impressed by all the massive Canikons out there, being lugged around (even saw one with an assistant for the tripod and another for the kit bag!) Father in law did point out that several of the camouflaged lenses had autumnal rather than spring colouring, so was thoroughly un-impressed, he was also staggered at the costs...

Bumped into a fellow EM1 MKii/300mm f4 +MC14 user who visits here on occasion! (Hi Robert if you read this!)

Tried out a load of different settings for BiF with varying results and I will do some post processing once I get home next week and post some photos... Managed to get a couple of really good shots, several totally useless and a lot of reasonable ones... most of the issues being around my ability rather than the camera! Composition and tracking both need work!

I didn't cary the covers for the MC14 with me so couldn't take it off for a while (which would have helped) but going through the photos has shown massive differences in the image dependant upon accurate focussing, I hadn't realised just how much difference the is when looking at the tone and colour for a finely focussed vs a very nearly focussed image...

Experimenting with the aperture and shutter speed, I ended up using manual exposure, to set the lens at f7-f8 and 1/1000s shutter speed, leaving the camera to sort the exposure on the ISO setting... this seemed to improve the quality of the shots as the depth of field improved the focussing, not completely sure how the C-AF was set as I didn't log everything I did very well!

Was a little rushed as I was with family so had to keep up with the walk we were on, rather than concentrating on the photos as much as I'd have liked, which also had an impact on the results! (walking and looking up settings isn't straight forwards!)

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