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Something fishy (9mm)

I recently added the 9mm f8 body cap fisheye to my slim collection of lenses. I thought I would test the angle of coverage compared to the Panasonic 7-14mm wide zoom.

So here we have:

The Panasonic at 7mm. It is nice and straight, but note how my Celestion speaker bottom right has been stretched.

The body cap 9mm. OK, this is better than a joke lens and fairly sharp in the centre. It isn't a match for a proper fisheye or wide angle - but hey it's so small you can always have it with you in a pocket. Now the proportions of the speaker are more correct, but everything is curved.

The body cap lens after being de-fished using the Imadio Fisheye-Hemi plugin* Note that the speaker keeps it's proportions and has been straightened quite a bit. The end result is very slightly wider than 7mm.

So, what do we learn. The body cap lens is actually OK. It is very small and much cheaper than a mega wide lens or a serious fisheye. It isn't a full circle fisheye, it bends things a bit, it can be straightened.


*By trial and error I found a magic method to get the straightest de-fish from Imado. As you see, I haven't spent my 24 on it just yet.
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