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Re: Thinking of buying a 7-14 & 35-100

It all depends what you want to shoot, and you haven't given us many clues about that. The 150 is lovely if you need f/2 at that length. The 50-200 is excellent and versatile but not very fast in comparison, specially at the long end with a converter. The 35-100 is fast and versatile but not very long. Put a converter on and it's longer, but also slower.

And so on - all lens design is some compromise between speed (as in aperture), focal length, size, weight, cost etc. The lenses you already have are all excellent in their own ways, as are the 7-14 and 35-100. The differences between them are that the compromises have been made in different parameters.

So just sell the kids and buy both

Ciao ... John
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