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Re: Brittany, part trois

Originally Posted by DerekW View Post
Paul - What post processing did you do to the images - Thanks
Well Derek - they've both had quite a bit of post processing done to them. To list all the edits would be a bit tedious, but the main ones are (all in LR):

House Beyond the Quay

- Exp + 0.8 stop
- Highlights -100
- Shadows +100
- Blacks -61
- Whites +25
- Clarity +10
- Green, Aqua & Blue - all +48
- Colour Temp 5300K
- Luminance NR 15
- Vignetting correction
- Radial tool over house and horizon line: Exp +1 stop, Blacks -6

Ile de Saint-Cado
- Exp -0.7 stop
- Highlights -100
- Shadows +100
- Blacks -31
- Colour Temp 5300K
- Green, Aqua and Blue - all +24
- Radial tool over house and horizon line: Clarity +10
- Graduated Filter on diagonal at bottom left to lift exposure a bit - +0.6 stop

Hope that helps!

In addition, The House Beyond the Quay is a 1 min long exposure done using LiveTime. During the exposure, I used a dodging technique to tone down the sky exposure. This is much more effective than trying to do it later with a LR Graduated Filter.

Obviously, they were both shot in raw (I never do anything else).
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