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Re: The Minefield of Energy Providers

Originally Posted by TimP View Post
That electric shower will be a killer, surprised you have one if you’ve got a gas boiler and a proper hot water tank, they’ve never been a cheap option in a house with gas. If it’s got an inbuilt pump though, you might be disappointed with the pressure (or not!) from the cylinder. We’re still getting free hot water from the immersion / solar panels although with the days getting shorter it’s gradually reducing, soon be time for the heating to go on.
The electric shower is just so convenient and it never runs out of hot water, but it will be costing a lot to run I know. Electricity now costs around five times that of gas per KWh, which leads me to question just how clean, green and efficient it is for running electric cars on?

I am happy with the idea of installing a booster pump for a power shower, which would be essential given our shallow roof pitch, but my hesitation concerns the length of time that the hot water cylinder (115 litres capacity IIRC) will provide hot water for? Measuring the throughput from the present electric shower I reckon it would need a minimum of about five litres a minute, which when blended wit cold water would probably provide about 40 minutes from a tank full of hot water. We tend to shower one after another; hence our problem.

We do not have nor want a combi boiler as it would not work for us owing to the location of the boiler itself which is some distance from where the hot water is needed.

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