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Re: EM1 problems

Originally Posted by Ross the fiddler View Post
I made the tough decision to not go ahead with my order today (the camera was waiting for me) although my wife was happy for me to get the camera if I really wanted it, but with all the 'stuff' I have in the house it feels like it becomes a little bit of a burden & nearby bushfires brought it home to me knowing that I can only take a few things with me if I have to run (or a little bit more if I drive) & the thought of yet another camera to carry out made me think if I really needed it. I decided the E-M5 will serve me (with an E30 for backup) for now (even though the E-M1 would make better use of my 4/3's lenses be be a great camera to use), but I do remember that there were a few little issues with the E-M5 in the beginning with a few IS systems failing & of course, the over-tightened screws for the display bezel (I still have to get mine fixed), so I wouldn't get too concerned with those few examples of issues. It was noted that others in the US did not appear to be experiencing these issues so maybe it is batch related. Let's hope yours will serve you well & we'll be looking forward to seeing photos from it & reading of your experiences with it.

PS The firies & choppers are still working hard on containment lines to the north & east of the fires to keep them contained but thankfully things are much more relaxed where we are for now.
Glad to hear your ok Ross I have been thinking of you and wondered how you got on. Television coverage as usual always shows the worst scenes however what you guys have gone through is nightmarish
Looking forward to the new camera I passed on the em5 because of my lens collection but this one looks the money to me
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