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Re: ANOTHER American massacre...

Perhaps an even more disturbing statistic is that per capita, Canada has more guns than the USA. Yet they don't have the same problem of mass killings. One reason is that they have to be locked in cabinets in gun clubs (as we used to do for some firearms). They have fun shooting at paper targets, rather than people.

The Americans seem to have a fixation on some sort of - for want of a better description - apocalyptic war, where they will need bunkers and to be armed to the teeth. Does this come from computer warlike games? I don't think so, because I think this problem precedes computer wargaming. There seems to be a collective mindset hooked on shoot 'em up before they get you, even from the US police.

I stayed in a hotel in Detroit once, where there was a wildlife reserve warden staying. Guess what? Tooled up like the SAS! I had to go to a hospital for treatment in Detroit once; again, guards patrolling the corridors, also tooled up like they were at war. In the latter case, I said to my American host, "Why on earth do they need guns to patrol a hospital?" And his answer was, "Yeah, well, some of them do get a kinda John Wayne mentality." Fine - so why not DO SOMETHING about it?

Again, near Detroit, in Milford, MI, I was talking to one of the engineers. He said to me, "Ya don't wanna go down South! They're real gun-mad down there. Even take their pieces out with them to restaurants and dances."

It isn't as if many of the population don't know there's a problem; it seems to be the total lack of ability or will to do something about it. If both Dems and Republicans acted together, they could effectively shut down the NRA, and clamp down on gun ownership. But politics being what it is, they won't.
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