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ANOTHER American massacre...

I wonder when the US government will acquire some sense, and do something about gun ownership there? Surely the latest massacre ought to make them see sense; but seemingly not, if Trump's "warmest condolences" are anything to go by. Given that much of his elector base is the NRA, he sure ain't likely to condemn guns anytime soon.

Even in a 'normal' time, it's bad there now; I remember going to Detroit for three weeks one October in the early 90s, and there were 11 murders in Metropolitan Detroit in that three weeks. Would we put up with it? No way! One of those murders was on TV. A lady judge, who was divorcing her husband, was in court session, on TV, when he walked into the courtroom, shot her dead, then gave himself up to an usher. In front of the cameras. Two policemen, one a lieutenant, shot dead in Hamtramck district by a deranged retiree. A body in a dumpster, sporting a range of bullet holes. And so on, and so on...

And what do they do? Buy even MORE guns!
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