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Re: Suggestions - suitable bag for larger lenses

Originally Posted by DerekW View Post
I have gone for the nova 180 for the reason that I cannot carry all my lenses in it, otherwise it will become too heavy, camera and two lenses plus batteries or one lens and flash. ....
Funny. I have the Nova 180 (first edition, with a velvety carry handle which loses its furry finish) bought on here, and carefully packed it can contain lots of kit. E.g. E-M1 with MMF-3 and FT 12-60 in the centre, with tiny accessory flash under it; 75-300, a Metz 50 AF-1 flash and a selection of primes in the outer sections of the main compartment, plus flash stand, tripod shoe, spare batteries for camera and flash, memory cards, lens pen, and personal effects (wallet, keys etc) in the various other zipped pockets, and elasticated side pockets for water bottle, snacks etc. My only wish is that instead of using the good but consumer quality 75-300 I could include the 50-200 (with MMF-3 and/or teleconverter) without the bag being bulged completely out of shape. I love the 50-200 and would use it far more if I could include it in a carry around shoulder bag. At the moment it rarely sees the light of day except on e.g. nature reserve trips when I take my large Kata rucksack with heavier kit.
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