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Re: Tony Northrup believes micro-four-thirds is dead

If I tried to carry around the FF equivalent of my MFT grab bag, I'd be hospitalised pretty quickly! Either from damage to my back in carrying too much or damage to other parts from my wife finding out how much money it cost

Currently my bag has:
2 bodies (IR & normal)
600mm equiv. mirror lens
90-400 equiv. zoom
28-84 equiv. zoom
34, 36, 48, 100 equiv. primes all at F2.8
faster 50 & 70 equivalents (f1.6 & 1.4 iirc)
140 FOV fisheye
180 FOV fisheye
36-216 equiv. zoom with 2x TC (not a normal resident of my bag)
Raynox 150
plus of course flash, batteries cards, adapters, extension tubes, a pile of filters...

Total cost slightly over 1000

Until FF can be easily manageable with even just half that range it's a non starter from my point of view.

From what I've seen Northrup rarely takes more than 1 lens & still tends to stick to areas near his truck.
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