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Re: Nothing new from Olympus at Photokina, but...

Originally Posted by Keith-369 View Post

I must admit, I have no intention of going back to full frame even if the cams themselves are smaller and lighter. I see no benefit in buying a 300mm lens and get just that ... 300mm and if I want a 600mm lens, then I would need pots more money not only for the lens but to hire someone to carry it for me.
This has only become the norm in recent times, in film days we had none of this ‘crop factor’ nonsense, a 50mm lens was the standard based on comparable field of view to the human eyesight and a 300mm lens was just that, 300mm which I suppose you could describe as a 6x telephoto. I think we’ve got used to getting that extra reach and I too would sorely miss it. I guess with FF you’ve got more leeway to crop but does it compare to the extra crop being in the camera?
Swings and roundabouts, all of it.
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