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Re: PEN E-PL9 Announced

I've just read Robin Wong's review on the E-PL9 hosted on Ming Thein's blog:

and the Olympus press release

and some other reviews and comments (mentioning no sites in particular) and I have come to the conclusion, as have many others here, that this camera is not for me. In particular it does not have a socket for an VF-4 EVF, only has 3-axis stabilisation, and offers a more simplified menu than the other cameras in the Olympus line up - old and new. But as a product for people upgrading from a camera phone (the target audience) it offers a lot of additional flexibility and an increase in image quality in a compact size. The Japanese market is thriving on this sort of stuff apparently and Olympus is top dog.

I think the mistake, and where it is offending die hard Olympus MFT enthusiasts, is not in the product or even the price but in the naming. It is not a successor to the E-PL8. It is the first in a new line of quality consumer oriented cameras and has the potential of selling well in the intended market. Well done Olympus.

Back to the VF-4 and the problem of no EVF. Perhaps the intended market does not include people who wear reading glasses. Even at arms length I can not focus on the screen of my E-PM2. That is not really a problem for the way I use it. I can see that the camera is pointing at the thing I want to photograph, I can see if it is all in the frame, and I rely on autofocus. If I want to check to check the focus, exposure, or set other parameters then I clip the EVF on or fumble for a pair of cheap high dioptre reading glasses.

For people who want an EVF and 5 axis stabilisation (like me) there is always the PEN-F. Maybe a slightly cheaper version of the PEN-F (PEN-F Lite?) with a 16MP sensor is what most people wanted instead of the PEN E-PL9 that we got... and the E-PL9 to have been called something else like PEN E-PX1 or E-P0 to distance it from the existing E-Pn, E-PLn, and E-PMn lines that are no longer going anywhere (the E-Pn and E-PLn replaced by the PEN-F and the E-PMn long dead). Olympus should communicate a clearer strategy on camera ranges; existing lines (E-PLn and OM10) should not come out with newer models that are more crippled than the one they replace and where there is a gap in the market for newer models with reduced specifications these should start new lines that can once again be incrementally improved.
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