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Re: Food Photography - Renaissance Style

Originally Posted by Michael Sewell View Post

Actually, extremely simple one light setup.
E-M1 mkII 40-150mm f2.8 @ f8

I can put up a full walkthrough if you want.
It's not what you've got it's how you use it that counts! You could give me the light and the items and tell me to produce a picture and I would struggle to make one as good as this. Not just with where to place the light but also with making a pleasing arrangement like you have. you obviously pay great attention to detail, for example I notice that the highlights on the glass don't overlap the highlights on the bottle behind and the placement of the knife leads the eye into the picture from bottom left. Then there are the grapes; is it just by chance that the lighter white grapes separate the darker red ones from the glass and bottle of red wine? Would I have thought to do this or am I just overthinking the whole thing?

If you don't mind putting up a full walkthrough I will be very grateful.

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