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Re: Tesni Ward Workshop - some thoughts (image heavy)

A very interesting post Paul. Ever thought about doing a blog?

It seems you had an excellent day trying something new both in terms of genre and lens. I have done the same of late via workshops and like you found it interesting and a good way of picking up new ideas and inspiration.

Your images are excellent and show what some informed guidance can do to someone who has good photography skills already.

The thoughts on bird/nature photography I echo entirely. I see a lot of nature in the club arena and rarely does it trigger any emotion in me. There was one shot in my club this season which did but that was more from the originality and artistic point of view rather than the image of the bird.

To be honest if I see another kingfisher with fish or white tailed eagle with catch I may well have a violent reaction even allowing for the technical excellence in many cases. That is of course a very personal view which many others will simply not agree with which is of course fair enough. We all have our preferences.

An excellent post Paul. Thanks for that.

I've worked hard to be this grumpy. It hasn't been easy at times but it's worth it.
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