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Re: Is C-AF actually improved with v3.0?

Originally Posted by brian1208 View Post
as I understand it, its a consequence of the PDAF sensors being linear rather than cross format, things like birds and plane present an horizontal image to the sensor and is not well seen. By turning to portrait mode the planes cross the PADAF sensor and are easily "seen" and focused on (I vaguely remember this being mentioned in the manual?)

What ever the reason the effect is very clear
I also thought the advice about turning the camera to portrait mode to achieve AF appeared in the manual - though I'm unable to find it now. What it does say (p140) is: "It may be difficult to focus with auto focus in the following situations."..... Item 3 = "Subject containing no vertical lines"

It seems as if, from the user's perspective, the design decision regarding orientation of the PDAF sensors was flawed - though this may be constrained by the direction of the cell wiring on the sensor chip. A PD sensor re-orientation would benefit not only C-AF where horizontal motion seems to be most common, but also many landscapes which only 'need' S-AF have more horizontal than vertical tonal transitions.

Maybe Olympus will rectify this next time - or perhaps it was a deliberate marketing choice to encourage 43 users to transition to m43?
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