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Re: Is C-AF actually improved with v3.0?

Originally Posted by brian1208 View Post
Well, I am totally convinced that CAF works beautifully at 9fps, so long as the camera body is in portrait mode.

I spent yesterday at or local Bournemouth Air Festival in pretty dire light conditions with sea haze, shooting into the sun, only relieved when the cloud finally rolled in.

I tried SAF+ M and CAF in both portrait and landscape camera positions and the one that most consistently got me the sequence of in focus / sharp shots was CAF in portrait mode, up to and including the Typhoon barrelling toward me at 600+ mph.

What surprised me was how often SAF + M hesitated in gaining focus lock under these conditions, it seemed to grab first lock then shuttle back and forth a few times before confirming lock.

With CAF in portrait mode there appeared to be no similar effect, with more or less instant lock on and hold (focus lock release set to Normal )

I'm only part way through looking at all the many pics but most CAF approach sequences seem consistent (this does however mean that if it started firing before lock was acquired the whole sequence is OOF )

My only problem with these fast jets was keeping the darned things in the right part of frame when shooting in portrait mode, easy when coming toward me but really tough when panning at around 600mph
What lens? I noticed a night and day difference with the 50-200mm.
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