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Re: Metering

Originally Posted by Graham_of_Rainham View Post
Any flash gun with a built in slave cell will fire when it detects another flash.

Set your camera pop-up flash to it's lowest power (turn off any Pre-Flash for focus assist or red-eye reduction) When you take the picture, the camera flash triggers the slave flash that is set up to provide the main (key) lighting.

I use any old guns bought of eBay and have lots of Olympus T-20 guns that are triggered with slave cell hot shoes like these:

If you don't need the full FL-50R facilities and are happy to work manually all the time (which is the best way to learn how to do it) Look on eBay for a good old powerful gun that has variable output.

Any questions, get back to us.

Thanks for this info... was what i needed. I was just worried i would buy something then it wouldn't work/be compatible with my camera. I understand it now, if i set my flash to low setting the slave flash will pick up on this (using the wireless flash remote) & fire off into a soft box or brolly .
Does the flash on low setting make any difference to the final image? I have a pop up diffuser , I take its worth having that on anyway?

What old powerful flashguns would you recommend ?

Thanks again for all the help !!
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