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Re: Metering

There are so many ways to use a flash gun and brolly combination. TTL Flash will work if you fire the flash through the brolly as a diffuser or into the brolly as a reflector. You cannot use the flash in "Auto" mode as it will "measure" the light off the brolly not the subject.

However: I always work fully manual, and while I have a flash meter, most of the time I go by experience and with the camera at 250 f/5.6 the FL50R guns are set at 1/8th power at about 2m from the subject.

From this starting point I adjust to what I want, either manually or by using the RC function (especially if the flashgun is high up)

Try thing out and you will very quickly get the hang of it. But remember to only alter one thing at a time and make notes.

Have fun


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