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Difficult menu system

I love my E-P1 to bits but equally I've never struggled so much with a menu and operating system. The doubling/trebling up of functions may be intuitive in the orient but it's certainly not intuitive to me. I'm not a novice and have mastered many cameras (digital and non-digital) and their systems in my time but the E-P1 menu has largely defeated me so far. As a result there are many photo opportunities which I would otherwise pursue which prove too convaluted to set up and adjust and are therefore lost or end up captured in Auto only.

Is anyone aware of a decent user guide - better than the Olympus user guide supplied with the camera or even the Magic Lantern guide? Alternatively has some kind soul posted a You Tube video dealing with mastering the system? If so the link would be really appreciated.

If there ever was a need for talented technical authorship it's the E-P1.

Shortcomings in the structure and explanation of the E-P1s menu system is particularly galling when I love everything else about the camera.
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