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Re: Canon D70 Body

What clinches Olympus for me is the quality of the lenses. At least 99% of image quality is determined by the lens - all the light for the image _has_ to pass through the lens. The camera body is just an accessory to the lens.

When I used film SLRs I used to fret about lens quality - it was so variable. The Konika I had had a good standard 50mm lens, whereas the 50mm Tessar I had on an Exakta was poor. Enlarger optics were also variable in quality.

Now I use Olympus I no longer fret about lens quality. I know that the standard quality lenses are excellent, the 'Pro' quality superb and the 'Top Pro' quality unequalled.

If I went down the road of choosing another camera make, I'd be back to worrying about lens quality and being faced with a range varying from 'bottle bottom' to 'near Olympus'. I've seen really horrible results from good camera bodies, fitted with a notoriously poor 'kit' lens. I don't want to go there!

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