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Re: Canon D70 Body

Well......I had an Oly E-510 and now have a Canon 7d - Though I havent used/handled an E5

The 7d is an excellent camera. The high speed shooting is fantastic for capturing high speed military jets (which is a bit of a hobby of mine) also the focus tracking, when coupled with my 300m f4 L series lens makes life so much easier.

Would I swap it for an E-5?

Probably! I've seen results of what the E5 is capable of and I cant say that the 7d is any better. Sure in the right hands the results of just about any camera are fantastic.

One thing I will say for the 7d Vs E5 debate is this.........

Do not get drawn into the old 'Canons are better at handling noise' debate. In my experience they're not. With my 7d when I am shooting aircraft I limit myself to iso 400 (though I prefer not to go above 200) I have shot up to iso 1600 in the past with disappointing results.

Yes the images are perfectly 'useable' at iso1600 - though what's defined as 'useable' is very much subjective.

Personally I like detail - when I shot an F-15 low level in Wales I left the 7d on 'Auto ISO' as it was getting towards the end of the day and the light was fading, in order to keep the shutter speed up my camera selected ISO 1000. The picture itself is fine, though I would have prefered to crop closer to the cockpit however I can due to the loss of detail and noise.

Now as with many things I'm sure things have improved as I have gotten used to the camera and my technique has got better. But the same can be said with just about any camera system.

Many weeks ago I posted the reasoning behind me going from Oly to Canon - in a nutshell it was due to the uncertainty of Olympus in the DSLR market and for the immediate future the PEN series just dont do the things I need them to.

It had NOTHING to do with the quality of Oly gear - in fact the two things I miss the most are the 12-60mm SWD and 50-200mm SWD. They were by far and away my 2 favourite lenses, and still are!

It annoys me that people trust the opinion of sales staff - they're their to make a sale. (ok thats a bit sweeping, I know some sales people out there will give good sound advice even if it means missing out on a sale)
At the same time this is an Oly forum so things are going to be slanted towards Olympus.

So, in a nutshell - a camera is a camera. Get out and take pictures!!

Oh and if you're looking to buy a new one - the way one feels in your hand, which is comfortable is probably more important that the brand on the front.

But bear in mind the colour from an Oly (even my old E-510) is hard to beat!


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